anyone can cook

I started cooking by peeling carrots for salads with great supervision from my mother as a small child. Eventually, I began following directions on the boxes of macaroni and cheese and Hamburger Helper. Finally I graduated to concocting spaghetti with raw ingredients, herbs, and spices.

After nearly a decade of working both front of house (waiting tables, hosting, and bartending), and back of house (preparing food, and washing dishes) in various chain restaurants, I decided to attend culinary school. Food Network’s Iron Chef had inspired me to push myself beyond the meat and three style cooking I had grown up with, and it seemed to be the only way I would get management’s attention that I was a serious candidate for a promotion. After a year of driving well over a an hour one way twice a week, I realized that this dream just wasn’t meant to come to fruition. I couldn’t afford to attend three days a week through the summer, because it meant paying for 2 children to attend daycare with astronomical summer rates.

I’m still grateful I had half a culinary education, and do my best to build upon the skills I learned. Here I will provide step-by-step instructions on how to make various dishes. Feel free to make requests!


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