first attempted failures

I brought my nearly dead phone to the kitchen last night in an attempt to provide my first cooking tutorial. While several of the pictures were just fine, several were blurry, and some were just lacking context. Most unfortunately, a lot of content was missing entirely. It’s a learning curve to say the least.

Tonight, I am going to attempt to make some chicken pitas. I’m charging my phone now so I can take loads of pictures of all the prep steps. Maybe I can make a legitimate cooking post soon.


a toast to new beginnings

I’ve always wanted to start a blog. Ok, I have started a blog or two in the past. So, why weren’t they successful? Well, one problem is that I would forget about it and not post anything. Another problem is that I had a ton of great ideas, but didn’t know how to put them into a format. I mean, if I have a crafting blog, does a recipe really fit? I needed something with multiple page capability, but it has been years since I enrolled in web design. I’ve since attended culinary and nursing school, so I’ll just consider myself a completely green newbie when it comes to this whole interwebs thing.

Hang in there with me. Worst case scenario, it will be entertaining to watch my sad attempts at blogging.